Saturday, September 17, 2011

Justice GA 2012 Design Meeting Report

This is an historic moment.
Be part of the story.

General Assembly 2012 will be a gathering with multiple ways of engaging in justice work for people of all ages. Joining with the people of Arizona, we will worship, witness, learn and work together. We will leave General Assembly grounded in our faith, energized for justice and with resources to bring this work home to our congregations.

Service and WitnessWe will partner with communities in Arizona to bring attention to the injustices and human rights abuses they face. Our service will allow all participants to witness in ways that reflect our commitment to justice, equity and compassion for all. We will also do hands-on work with our community partners. Projects will take place in a variety of settings, and include multigenerational teams and accessible venues. Whether you choose to witness for one hour, make signs for people to carry, or spend a day at a project, there will be opportunities for everyone.

Programs and WorkshopsWe will learn how to build stronger relationships, community partnerships, and movements for justice. We will go in-depth on important justice issues such as colonization, border issues and advocacy. We encourage teams to attend General Assembly in order to share experiences and learn how to continue this work at home.

The Work of JusticeOur business will be grounded in our faith tradition's commitment to justice. Plenary sessions will be limited to matters essential to the governance of our Association and items that further our justice-making efforts. The exhibit hall will offer justice resources and opportunities to connect with local communities.

Spirit and CommunityFilled with joy and boldness, we will sing, we will worship, and we will celebrate together. We will have spiritual support and reflection as we build a just world. Together, we will create a beloved community without borders.

About the GA 2012 Design Meeting

Representatives of the General Assembly Planning Committee, Arizona Immigration Ministry, UUA Staff and Administration, Accountability Group and the UUA Board met in Boston for two days in September, 2011. With respect and grace, we made significant progress addressing outstanding questions with regard to our upcoming Justice General Assembly. Together, we created a preliminary schedule for GA 2012, clarified roles and responsibilities, and built strong working relationships.

From Gini:

The GA Planning Committee members are still meeting hard in Boston and will be publishing the GA Grid (schedule) after the conclusion of their meeting.

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  1. Preaching on Justice GA this Sunday in Albany, NY. Sam